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We amplify and create opportunities for Black artists and creatives.

We exist to support a healthy Black arts ecosystem and creative economy in Greater Boston and beyond. Our work is multi-faceted; as both a presenter and supporter of artists and communities of color. To this end, we:


  • Promote racial equity, educating artists that through collective efforts, we can combat the devaluing of us and our work, helping to ensure that we are not judged solely on our race.

  • Foster economic empowerment, encouraging artists to delve into “creative entrepreneurship,” showing them that their artistic skills can be applied and monetized in many ways beyond their primary art form.

  • Advocate for spatial justice, challenging local policies and leadership and private venue owners, so our artists can broaden their reach and impact across Boston.



A growing network of 750+ Black artists, cultural workers and creative entrepreneurs representing  dance, animation, film and spoken word to comedy,
circus arts, music and photography.


The creation of 600+ jobs, gigs, and performance opportunities, including industries such as tech, education, finance, nonprofits, professional sports, and city government.

70,000+ residents and visitors attending our year-around programming across six neighborhoods, including East Boston, Cambridge, Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain.

The curation of 40+ public and private spaces across Greater Boston, that are committed to supporting the visibility of Black artists, cultural workers and
creative entrepreneurs, and their work.

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