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Small Business

Small Businesses who make BAMS Festival possible
Growing resources and opportunities in our community

At BAMS Fest, we value the importance of partnering with, supporting and amplifying small businesses led by people of color or who are unapologetically  committed to recruiting, hiring and training the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives.

We believe in the economic power and influence that small businesses of color bring to our Festival ecosystem and the communities we serve.

Our Festival is not just an event, it is a platform of opportunity, infinite possibilities, and an economic engine that allows Black and Brown people to thrive, connect, and proposer. 

Our Festival is a blueprint to showing how many tables can be created for everyone to collaborate and succeed.

This year, we are proud to work with thirteen (13) small businesses who selflessly aim to ensure that their products and services provide a high quality and immersive Festival experience that brings joy, soulfulness, creativity, and civic pride.

We need your support to continue to support them. 

View the full list of businesses we partner with. Make sure to click on each image to learn more.  

Support our small business partners
click on each image to learn more

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