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2024 BAMS Festival


(Music Artists, DJs & Dance Groups)


We are thrilled that you want to be considered for Boston's biggest summer arts and music festival.

We are now accepting performance applications from musicians, Djs and dance groups for the 6th Annual Boston Art & Music Soul Festival, taking place June 29 & June 30, 2024.


Call for submissions open November 2, and close November 20, 2023. Upon receiving your application, we will review and notify all applicants via email regarding their status on or before December 15, 2023. If are selected, further instructions will be sent to you via email.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us

9:00AM Est

11:59PM Est


STEP 1: Read the Frequently Asked Questions before applying.


STEP 2: Fill out the application at the bottom of the page.

STEP 3: Submit a LIVE performance video (music videos or performance promos/reels WILL NOT be accepted). We want to hear / see what you hhave to offer.

  • OPTION 1:  Create and upload a new 90 second live music, dj or dance performance video (copy and paste the link in the application. We suggest using YouTube or Vimeo.)

  • OPTION 2: Upload and submit a recent 90 second live music, dj or dance performance (within the last 3 years, 2021 - now. Copy and paste the link in the application. We suggest using YouTube or Vimeo.) 

ORIGINAL MUSIC from music artists is strongly encouraged. Cover bands are not allowed to apply!

STEP 4: Press the "APPLY NOW" button


FAQs on Applying to BAMS Festival

Got more questions? Email us at

What is the Boston Art & Music Soul Festival? 

It is one of the fastest growing Black arts and music festivals in the City of Boston that celebrates Afro-centric identity and Black artistry, all while amplifying the voices and creative contributions from local, regional and national entertainers of color.

What the dates for BAMS Festival 2024?

The dates are June 29 and June 30, 2024.

Can I perform at both BAMS Festival and another BAMS Fest event throughout the year?

Yes you can! Applications sent during the BAMS Festival performance period will be considered for the Festival. 


What is the minimum age to apply to perform at BAMS Festival 2024?

For BAMS Festival 2024, we will be featuring a youth stage (ages 13-17) called Kidchella. We will also have a larger stage for emerging to national artists, who are at least 18 years of age to apply for the festival.

Can I still apply, even if I performed at BAMS Festival in the past?

If you performed in 2023, you cannot apply for BAMS Festival 2024. All other past Festival and Alumni artists can apply to perform.  

If selected, do I have to pay to perform? 

For youth under the age of 17, a nominal honorarium will be provided to the guardian of the group. For professional artists that are selected, based on availability and budget we will make a reasonable offer to pay as many local and independent artists. The maximum honorarium we provide is $600.00 for an entire band.

If selected, do I need to be vaccinated to perform on stage?

Given that state and city mandates change all of the time, we are not requiring all artists and their bandmates to provide proof of vaccination. If city and state mandates change, all artists will be required to show proof of vaccination.

How many people are allowed on stage in a band?

A maximum of five (5) people are allowed on stage to perform. For music performance, you are allowed to have background vocal tracks.

Are cover bands allowed to apply?

No. This festival is about artist discovery, thus we emphasize ORIGINAL MUSIC.

How many people attended previous BAMS Festivals?

Approximately 10,600+ people attended BAMS Festival in 2022, and 10,200+ people attended BAMS Festival 2023.

Where is the Festival located? How big are the grounds?

BAMS Festival 2024 will be held at Playstead Field inside the historic Franklin Park. Playstead Field is is approximately eighteen and a half (18.5) acres of green space (Franklin Park is about 527 acres). 

I’m not from Boston/I don’t live in Boston, can I still apply?

Yes. You can.


Over the years, we have received 15K application from across the globe, thus we welcome all types of performers to apply. Preference will be given to artists identify with Afro-diaspora descent and/or who reside in within New England States (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.)


BAMS Fest, is not responsible for roundtrip airfare, hotel/lodging, and/or transportation to and from the festival ground for performers. If you are not from the immediate area, please note you will be responsible for your own transportation (to and from the festival) and hotel accommodations. 

​Shall I bring my own instruments?

BAMS Festival will provide basic sound, power and lighting. Our set-up is for a plug-in play. We will offer a drum kit, amps, monitors, microphones, cords, etc. You are responsible for bringing your own personal instruments.

Is BAMS Festival all ages?

Yes! BAMS Festival is all ages. This means NO PROFANITY, suggestive lyrics or performances ARE NOT BE ALLOWED!


Can I mail my application?

No. We are only accepting digital applications submitted through our website.


Any tips or advice for creating or submitting my performance video submission?

  • Make sure your audio and visual is clear.

  • State your stage name and hometown.

  • Select a song that showcases your skill, talent and energy!

  • Do not exceed ninety (90) seconds with your video submission.

  • Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video (remove any passwords).


What if I don’t have a social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc)?

Create one. You’re an artist. Social media is the NUMBER ONE medium to showcase your artistry.

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2024 BAMS Festival            Performance Application

Please only enter once - duplicate entries may be rejected. 



Advice for creating or submitting my live music video submission

  • Make sure your audio and visual is clear.

  • State your stage name and hometown.

  • Select a song that showcases your skill, talent and energy!

  • Do not exceed ninety (90) seconds with your video submission.

  • Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video (remove any passwords).

  • No fan videos allowed

  • No highlight video reels allowed

Thanks for applying! We will notify you by December 15, 2023

Ohh, you just missed the BAMS Festival music performance application deadline. This form no longer accepts submissions.

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