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Playing the Guitar

The Prelude Series

About the series...

Produced by Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest, ARTDACITY is a conversational style series that explores the intersections of the arts, civic engagement and the lived experiences between Black and Brown creative entrepreneurs and communities-at-large.

We hope that this series: 

  • Gives visibility and voice to Black and Brown creative entrepreneurs and small business owners  so that audiences can support them.

  • Provide a platform that edu-tains (educates and entertains) and empowers audiences to increase their level of civic engagement and resourcefulness with each other and in support of the Black creative economy.


2022 Season

Artdacity August Episode  (1080 × 1080 px).jpg

Season 2, Episode 4 | August 25
The Money Chase

Cierra Peters and Emily Ruddock

Moderator: Oompa
Sponsored by Amazon and The Boston Cultural Council

2022 Artdacity IG Template (1080x1080 px).png

Season 2, Episode 3 | May 25
The Road to BAMS Festival 2022

Paul Willis, Naomi Westwater and Eli Pabon

Moderator: Corey Manning
Sponsored by Amazon and The Boston Cultural Council

2022 Artdacity IG Template (1080x1080 px).png

Season 2, Episode 2 | April 28
Renaissance is Now: Jazz Appreciation

Dzidzor, Bill Banfield and Gregory Groover Jr

Moderator: Amanda Shea
Sponsored by Amazon

Artdacity March 25 post IG (1080 × 1080 px).png

Season 2, Episode 1 | March 24
View from Above: Black women breaking who are barriers unapologetically

Ariell R. Johnson & Nieisha Deed

Moderator: Sheena Collier
Sponsored by Amazon

Thank you to 2022 our sponsors + supporters

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2021 Season

IG Main 3.25.21 Flier.png

Season 1, Episode 1 | March 25
Cadence with Action: Black women breaking barriers unapologetically

Elle Simone, Brandie Blaze and Aysha Upchurch

Moderator: Arielle Gray

IG Artdacity April 29 main SM.jpg

Season 1, Episode 2 | April 29
BeWords: Lyrics, Legacy & Love - Tribute to Keith "Guru" Elam

Tricia Elam Walker, Justin Ruff, Big Shug, Edo G and Bakari JB

Moderator: Dart Adams

ArtdacityFlyerIG_TwitterPost (1).png

Season 1, Episode 3 | June 21
Growing Black Culture through an Economic Lens

Lenny S. and Catherine T. Morris

Moderator: Gregory V. Ball
Sponsored by King Boston

IG Artdacity June 23 post_Symphonic Distro.png

Season 1, Episode 4| June 23
Marketing in the Digital Era: Breaking Through the Noise


Gina Miller, Andrew Faraone, Thomas Cussins and LaTecia Johnson

Moderator: Octavius Crouch


Artdacity Aug 26 Main flier.png

Season 1, Episode 5| August 26
The Soul in Food - Necessity of Black Restaurants and Chefs


Nia Grace and Kwasi Kwaa

Moderator: Quontay Turner

Sponsored by King Boston and Amazon

IG Artdacity Sept 15 post.png

Season 1, Episode 6| September 15
The Queendom of Elma Lewis


Helen Credle and Shaumba-Yandje Dibinga

Moderator: Priscilla Andrade

Sponsored by King Boston and Amazon

Partnership with The Elma Center Lewis

IG Artdacity October 28 #DADJOY.png

Season 1, Episode 7| October 28
#DadJoy - The Impact of Fatherhood on Visual Artistry


Jason Talbot, Thomas "Kwest" Thomas and Cagen Luse

Moderator: Jae Williams

Sponsored by King Boston and Amazon

11.18 Artdacity Main Flier.png

Season 1, Episode 8| November 18
Put Some Respect On It: Mind, Body and Soul


Dr. Charmain Jackman and Cliff Notez

Moderator: Imari Paris Jeffries

Sponsored by King Boston and Amazon

Thank you to 2021 our sponsors + supporters

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