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The Prelude Series

About the series...

Produced by Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest, ARTDACITY is a conversational style series that explores the intersections of the arts, civic engagement and the lived experiences between Black and Brown creative entrepreneurs and communities-at-large.

We hope that this series: 

  • Gives visibility and voice to Black and Brown creative entrepreneurs and small business owners  so that audiences can support them.

  • Provide a platform that edu-tains (educates and entertains) and empowers audiences to increase their level of civic engagement and resourcefulness with each other and in support of the Black creative economy.

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Episode 7
10/28, 8pm EST
YouTube Virtual Event

Presented by King Boston
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The impact of Fatherhood on Visual Artistry

An artist’s inspiration can be pulled from real life experiences, especially parenthood. In today’s society, the beauty of Black fatherhood is often met with preconceived judgements. How can these be shifted or transformed into something more powerful and positive?


Join us for a lively discussion from some of Boston’s most talented Black and Brown male visual artists, who will share their experiences in both balancing and incorporating fatherhood into their work and how it shows up in their art.