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Thank you for your interest in BAMS Festival & BAMS CONX taking place June 22 - 24, 2023 in Boston, MA!



Please remember this is only a request and it may not be approved. We are unable to accommodate every request, but each application will be reviewed and considered with the utmost care.

PLEASE NOTE: There is one application form PER PERSON. Each person applying for a media pass must apply individually to be considered. If multiple people from your organization are applying, each person must fill out their own application to be considered. You cannot combine applications for staff from the same publications and any joint applications won’t be considered.

We will accept press requests until Tuesday, June 20th at 5pm Eastern time.

You will be notified of your application’s status by Monday, June 5th at 5pm Eastern time.

All media MUST BE ON ASSIGNMENT. If we have questions about your assignment, we will be contacting your editor.

MEDIA PASS: This is a festival access credential (excludes backstage). Grants festival entry to a journalist. Does not include entry to the photo pit. May not possess professional photo equipment. 

PHOTO PASS: an add-on credential that grants entry to photo pits and MUST be paired with a media pass - THIS IS NOT A FESTIVAL OR CONFERENCE ACCESS CREDENTIAL. Wearers are permitted to bring in a professional still camera.


 If your application is approved, check-in and on-site details will be sent to you closer to the conference and festival date. You will be required to sign a release of liability and/or a photo release prior to receiving your credentials.

PHOTO POLICY: Photo passes are limited. We will provide syndicated photos from on-site festival photographers for use, details to follow. Photo passes provide access to the photo pits in front of each stage; they do not provide on-stage or backstage access.

Only photographers with professional cameras such as SLR and interchangeable lens cameras will be allowed into the photo pits. Point-and-shoot cameras or Smartphone cameras will not be permitted.

 VIDEOGRAPHY & AUDIO RECORDING POLICY: Video and audio recording is strictly prohibited without proper prior authorization.

Got questions? Email 

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